Why Get Pre-Approved?

1. It's important to know specifically how much money a bank will lend to you, so you can focus on properties that are actually in your price range.  The mortgage lender will use details you provide about your credit, income, assets and debts to arrive at an estimate of how much mortgage you can afford. I have lenders who can get you pre-approved in a day, provided you have the necessary information available.

2. NO seller will accept a financed offer without at least a pre-approval letter, so if you are serious about buying, this is the first step towards getting you in your new home.

3. A pre-approval from a trusted, local lender improves your offer. If the agent for the seller has previous, positive experiences with that lender, including the preapproval from that lender improves your offer. It's an easy way to improve your offer without spending more money!

Contact me if you would like me to provide you with your list of local, trusted lenders in the Cambridge, Somerville, and Greater Boston area!

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